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We have a few items for the Boxer / Ducato and Crafter / MAN tge that we make in house. These items are generally made to order or in small batches for stock. 

At present, we are trying to keep things simple and off ebay if possible due to the fees. So for now, we will show what we have available here and will gladly talk to you about these products. We will take orders via email and paypal / transfer and that way we can let you know if there are any material shortages that will cause delays....surprisingly, we are still getting stock issues from several suppliers. 

Please use the contact form on the last page.

 Crafter Cab Blind Set

Designed as a lightweight alternative to the exterior window covers. Especially useful for wild camping and bad weather!! these internal covers gives you the privacy you need without leaving the comfort of your van.

Primarily 3 season use, as with any internal blind you may still get some condensation but our main aim was to create an aesthetically pleasing interior with a functioning thermal blackout cover.

Cab Blinds (windscreen)

We use a 4oz waterproof nylon material with a combination of magnets, straps and fibreglass rods to create our cab set. The windscreen cover has fibreglass rods sewn into the material giving it strength and rigidity. We've also added tensioning straps which tie around the sun visors which help keep the cover in place.

cab blinds (door)

The driver and passenger window covers are attached to the inner window frame using magnets. As seen in the photo the magnets are sewn into the edging where the black tabs are, each edge having plenty of contact points.


The cab set is sold with a waterproof nylon drawstring bag for £240 which incudes VAT and delivery to a UK mainland address.


Rear Door Blind


Our rear door insulated blind for the Crafter/MAN 2017 onwards. We have designed the blind for the standard high roof version, we do have the ability to make a blind for the lower roof height. 

Made from the same thermal 4oz material to match our cab set. 

Bespoke made to the length that suits your van. The half blind shown in the photo has been fitted to our own camper with the blind finishing at the base of the bed. 

The cover is made with 2 zips which enables the centre section to be rolled up when not in use. There are then 3 straps with buckles to secure the blind in place.


The outer framework of the blind is attached using velcro or studs to the inner frame of your van. That framework is intended as a permanent feature, metal or 4 way stretch carpet is the ideal base for the velcro to adhere to.

Having the blind finish at the base of your fixed bed enables easy access to the zips when inside your van.

The blind can also include a flynet as an extra, this will have it's own zips attached so can be kept in the down position with the thermal section rolled up.

The bespoke top section needs to be measured from the internal top bar to where you'd like the blind to finish. Anything up to 100cm drop is £220 which includes VAT and delivery. 

The flynet option is an extra £50.

Like our conversions we pride ourselves on attention to detail, so the products we make available to sell are made with the same care.

PXL_20231129_114328791.jpg close up.jpg

Rear Door Blind Ducato/Boxer/Relay

426302943_1028256504927633_2816629349319647948_n.jpg ducato blind.jpg

As with the Crafter/MAN we make the rear door blind for the Boxer/Ducato/Relay.

At the moment we can only do the H2 model. Due to the layout of these vans and lots of conversions include a rear lounge it's best to contact us direct if you have any queries. 

A photo of the rear of your van is essential as there maybe a fitted conversion already there that unfortunately this product isn't suitable for.

The same cost applies to this van like the Crafter, anything upto 100cm is £220 and will increase if the drop is longer.

I'm afraid we don't make the cab blind set for the Ducato/Boxer/Relay

Crafter Window blinds available

Just as an example, we can also make the window blinds for the rear doors, sliding door and offset window.

The rear door covers are £90 per pair.

The sliding door and offset windows are £90 each. These blinds are attached using magnets so having suitable framework is essential. All these blinds were photographed in a new van under construction as it's easier to design and test fit in a bare van.

Ducato/Boxer/Relay Door Handle Relocation Kit

collage.jpg handle ducato.jpg

Our rear door handle relocation kit has been designed by ourselves and used over the years in our own conversions. We have manufactured the components you need to move the handle to the top section of the door. This is useful as the original handle can become compromised with a fixed rear bed.

There is a Youtube video on our channel which talks you through the installation process.

The handle kit is £100 which includes VAT and delivery.

Please note the handle is not included in the kit

Ducato/Boxer/Relay Cab Bed 2006 onwards





We have the perfect solution when you need to sleep the occasional passenger when camping. Designed and made in house initially for a customer to take away their grandchild.

The bed fits across the front seats in the forward position and is made from 2.5" reflex foam, it was a balancing act to get the right size foam for comfort with the ability to fold and store away. Bolster cushions are also included, they provide a protective layer to your front seats. We have included straps which secure to the grab handle to prevent the bed moving when in use.

£385 which incudes delivery to UK mainland address. Collection available please contact for further details.

Crafter/MAN Cab Bed 2017 onwards

Cab bed that fits a Crafter/MAN 2017 onwards

Designed in house to fit the Crafter/ MAN 2017 onwards, this cab bed is ideal for the occasional extra camper. Made from top quality 2.5" reflex foam sitting on top of 9mm birch with precision cut CNC holes to allow the mattress to breathe. It's then covered in scrim backed black car upholstery fabric. As with the Ducato there are straps which secure around the grab handles for extra stability. Made in 3 sections joined by stainless steel piano hinge which allows the bed to be folded for storage.

The cost including delivery is £385 to UK mainland address. 

Collection available please contact for further details.

Cab Light For Boxer/Ducato/Relay 2013 Onwards

Another item we made for all our Boxer/Ducato conversions was this cab light. The bulkhead had this recess strip in the overhead plastics which was crying out for a light...well we thought so anyway!. 

We've coloured matched it the best we could to the cream/ivory plastics of the 2013 onwards model. 

There is approximately 1m of warm white quality German LED strip light fitted into an anodised aluminium profile covered with a diffuser to give a nice smooth light pattern. A touch on/off dimmer is located at the end of the light panel.

The fixings are on the inside of the light and the LED and caps are then fitted to cover any screws.

The light comes supplied with approximately 2m of cable plus fittings which allow you to wire it to a 12v point.

The most difficult part is the wiring to a suitable power supply but as a self converter it shouldn't be a problem.

Along with the added benefit of the extra light, we also believe this cab light gives a professional finishing touch to your motorhome.

Due to the length of this light fitting the delivery charges are quite high, so cost with delivery is £120.

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