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rooftop view of a conversion
Interior lighting and furniture

VW Crafter / MAN Tge conversions

This is probably our most popular vehicle for conversion and generally comes in the form of a 6.8m LWB and a 6m MWB 


Being honest, the LWB at 6.8m is a big van and you definitely notice it in tight manoeuvres. However it tend to give a cavernous garage area when converted with a fixed bed. Actually, we haven't done a rear lounge layout in one of these and dont really want to.  

The MWB at 6m feel a lot smaller and does have a very small garage space, particularly the 4x4 since the floor level is 100mm higher and you cant raise the bed due to the side flare position. To answer the most common you wont get a full size bike inside and under the bed, unless you take it completely apart.

Motorhomes / campers = COMPROMISE.

Standard design

Although there seems to be no such thing as standard, nearly all our conversions end up with 2-300a of lithium , 60 amp charging capabilities and a 2000w inverter / charger allowing excellent off grid ability. Our electrical system is almost entirely based around Victron equipment. 

Most have at least 2x solar panels, electric tilt beds, WIFI, TV point and aerial, 4-6 windows, cab screens, diesel heater, gas oven and hob, 25-30lt underbody gas tank, winterised water tanks, awning, leather seating, solid surface worktops.

Typically this means a conversion that is getting past £50000. At this point, there is no point giving an accurate price list as it will probably change within a couple of months. If We start fitting ladders, roof racks, roof decks and off road lighting, then almost certainly the conversion will get to £60000 or so.

MWB standard layout.

One design but choice of bench seat or seat belted travel seat for 2. 

LWB standard layout

one main design for kitchen and shower /toilet. However, we have variations to include fixed bed, raising electric bed, and a swallow tail conversion. The front habitation seat can either be a side facing bench (no belts), or a forward facing belted double seat.

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