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steps up to a luxury bed
dining area

Boxer / Ducato

Boxers were our first big van conversions. As such we did many variations :

LWB / XLWB, Fixed bed, rear lounge, electric lift bed, swallow tail fixed bed.

Although we have done several rear lounge conversions, we have also had at least 3 of these request a conversion to fixed bed. Obviously what suits one person, wont suit another, but with a rear lounge, you really have very little space for your outside gear like chairs , table, BBQ etc. 

In the Boxer, you can sleep across the van or lengthways. A lengthways bed is really only practical in the xlwb (6.36m) van.

With a popular base vehicle, the increased availability of parts for this van means it is slightly cheaper to convert than a crafter or Tge. Typically a fully spec'd conversion with lithium batteries, Victron electrics, diesel truma heating , solar, roof rails, leather seating, wifi, tv point etc will probably come in at around £48000-£50000.  A more basic conversion but still using the best materials is likely to be £45000 or more.

If you wish to have an automatic gearbox then the only option is to use the Fiat Ducato platform which does add a few thousand £ to the cost.

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